A heartwarming journey through the extraordinary legacy of treasured racehorse Seabiscuit, weaving a story of courage, hope, and healing from past to present and illuminating the transformative power between horses and humans.


“The people’s champion” and top money winner of his time, Seabiscuit, was the famous racehorse who captured the heart of the American nation. His most memorable win was a race against Triple Crown champion “War Admiral,” where he was considered the sure underdog. After the final race in 1940, Seabiscuit retired to Ridgewood Ranch in Northern California.

The Legacy

Undersized, underrated, and sadly mistreated, Seabiscuit overcame the odds to become a phenomenal success through the love and care of his owners, trainer, and jockey. Not only did these men help Seabiscuit heal from his unhappy past, but Seabiscuit helped each of them heal an aspect of their own lives. Most of these transformations took place at Ridgewood Ranch, where Seabiscuit’s healing legacy continues today. There stands the Seabiscuit Therapeutic Riding Center, a horse-assisted program that helps improve the lives of children and adults who are challenged physically, developmentally, emotionally, and socially. The nearby town of Willits also shares a key part of Seabiscuit’s legacy. In 1926, Seabiscuit’s owner Charles S. Howard helped fund the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital after losing his son in a tragic accident.


Seabiscuit’s Legacy will take an in-depth look at the incredible healing legacy of the beloved horse and the positive effect he had on people’s lives, past and present. Highlights include…

  • meeting some of the students of the Seabiscuit Therapeutic Riding Center and witnessing how their lives have been positively changed by horses, including, Madeline – a little girl with cerebral palsy, Cameron – a teenager with autism spectrum disorder, and Walter – a young boy with Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder
  • listening to equine and medical experts explain the science behind the powerful horse-human connection, and why it is particularly beneficial, and proven, to help those with autism
  • learning how and why Seabiscuit had such a profound healing effect on Charles Howard (his owner), Tom Smith (his trainer), and Red Pollard (his jockey)
  • watching renowned horse whisperer and trainer Mark Rashid demonstrate how Seabiscuit was transformed under the care of Tom Smith
  • discovering the important role non-verbal horse-human communication played in Seabiscuit’s story and continues to play in therapeutic horsemanship today
  • witnessing the magical connection between horses and humans


The seed of this story took root in the heart of producer and lifelong horsewoman Leigh Anne Lindsey. In 2014, she was asked to film a Seabiscuit dedication event at Ridgewood Ranch, the property next door to her family’s ranch. Leigh Anne began to learn of Seabiscuit’s legacy, and after seeing firsthand how the Seabiscuit Therapeutic Riding Center at Ridgewood, was transforming lives, she was inspired to tell a story never before told.

Leigh Anne teamed up with fellow filmmakers John Osborne and Nadia Jordan to create a film that would showcase the positive, uplifting story of Seabiscuit’s legacy and also bring widespread awareness to the powerful horse-human healing connection.

The Team

Leigh Anne Lindsey

Leigh Anne Lindsey

Producer | Writer | Executive Producer

A lifelong horsewoman, Leigh Anne is the writer, creator, and producer of Seabiscuit’s Legacy. She is a voiceover artist, a public radio show host, podcast producer. Leigh Anne has filmed, edited, and produced online tourism shows, commercial videos, & film festival promo reels. That has all been since she returned to work part-time in 2013 after a surgery in 2002 left her with a lifelong crippling pain disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (a.k.a. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.) From the mid-80s to 2002, she was a Silicon Valley executive helping ​international ​tech ​companies ​thrive through strategic alliances & VC fundraising efforts. ​​Early in life, Leigh Anne was​ ​a rock radio DJ who produced radio commercials & edited films for TV (KSPN-FM & TV2) in ​Aspen, ​Colorado. Leigh Anne now lives & works along the rugged Sonoma​ coast with her black & white American Paint Horse named Jax.

Nadia Jordan

Nadia Jordan


Nadia, a London native, boasts a distinguished career as an acclaimed filmmaker spanning twenty-five years. She embarked on her cinematic journey producing films, TV, and documentaries for British institutions such as BBCITV, and Channel 4 before moving to Los Angeles, where she continued her collaboration with major studios and production powerhouses. Nadia’s passion for storytelling led her to establish her own company – Fluffy Cat Productions. Fluffy Cat achieved remarkable success with their debut feature, “For the Love of George,” which Nadia produced, co-directed, and co-wrote. The film, which stars Rosanna ArquetteTate Donovan, and features George Clooney, won a multitude of accolades and was released worldwide.  Nadia is a graduate of the Sundance Directing Lab and a visionary director whose meticulous attention to detail is evident in every facet of her filmmaking. Her diverse directing portfolio includes features, stage shows, music videos, band tours, and award-winning short films. Currently, Nadia has several TV and film projects at various stages of production, including two films she has co-written and is set to direct in collaboration with Academy Award-winning producers and actors. Nadia is a member of the Directors Guild of America and BAFTA.




John has worked on several mainstream and independent films, including Need for Speed, Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate’s Cove, Davi’s Way, and River of Ghosts. He is also a producer on Dean Martin – The King Of Cool, Gestalt, and American Totem. He currently has several films in production or development. John owns a film production company in Mendocino, California, and assists visiting movie companies as a production manager or location scout. As the Associate Programmer for the American Documentary Film and Animation Company Festival (Amdocs) in Palm Springs, California, John travels throughout Europe seeking films to showcase. He has served as a moderator, panelist, and juror in many film festivals. John is also involved with the Mendocino Film Festival. 



Executive Producer

Colonel Mike is the great-grandson of Charles S. Howard, Seabiscuit’s owner, and sits on the Board for the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation. As family historian for the Howards, Colonel Mike collaborated with author Laura Hillenbrand to bring the captivating Seabiscuit story to a global audience, initially through a book and later as a movie. During his extensive tenure as a Marine Corps officer, Colonel Mike served in various combat engineer units, providing crucial support to Marine infantry on terrestrial and aquatic fronts. His assignments took him all over the world, including Japan, Israel, Kuwait, and Iraq. Colonel Mike’s many military decorations include two Bronze Stars, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Presidential Unit Citation, and the Iraq Campaign Medal with four service stars. In the spring of 2006, Colonel Mike concluded his 32 years of honorable service with the Marine Corps, transitioning into a retirement that did not dim his enthusiasm for storytelling, especially concerning the world of Seabiscuit!




Steve is a freelance Cinematographer/DP from the Québec province. He studied the Art and Technique of Photography at the influential Cégep de Matane on the Gaspésie peninsula before moving on to study Cinema and Video at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Steve’s work can be seen in numerous short and feature-length narrative and documentary projects for major broadcasters, including BBC, Netflix, and Discovery. He has also shot an array of commercials, corporate and industrial videos for companies such as Google and Nike. Steve relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015 after living and working in New York City for ten years.




Sarah, a native of Wisconsin and a graduate of Syracuse University, has been a professional editor for over 25 years. Starting in advertising, she swiftly transitioned to TV and Film, working with major studios such as Sony, Disney, and Fox. Sarah’s impressive portfolio includes narratives, promos, sizzles, and comedy specials. Notably, her documentary debut, “Black Sky: The Race for Space,” for Warner Discovery, won the prestigious 2004 Peabody Award. Sarah has continued to make significant contributions to the world of documentary filmmaking, her most recent accomplishment being “A Star Without a Star: The Untold Juanita Moore Story. Recognized for her exceptional ability to weave compelling narratives, Sarah has a talent for infusing stories with creative flair, and a particular penchant for adding a rhythmic and humorous touch!




Composer of award-winning feature films “Peace by Chocolate”, “Daughter of the Sun”, and “Botero,” David Bertok writes for film, TV, and concert hall. After graduating from music college in Germany, David enjoyed a busy career as a musician touring Europe with progressive rock bands opening for acts such as Scorpions and Saga. His band, Subsignal, reached the German album charts twice during his tenure as keyboarder, songwriter, lyricist, and producer. In 2012, he relocated to Los Angeles on a scholarship and was admitted to USC’s famed Scoring for Motion Picture and Television Program. David’s abundant orchestral themes and distinctive melodic approach can be heard on Netflix’s “Chef’s Table” and “Home Game,” as well as Amazon’s “Brittany Runs a Marathon.” Whether scoring for a full orchestra or creating an intimate piano piece, David has the spectral ability to tap into a project’s soul.



Eric Allaman is an American composer who has worked in Film, Television, Theater, and Ballet. With 45 film scores and over 600 television episodes under his belt, including Duck Dynasty, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Mike Hammer – Private Eye, Legend, Latter Days, Sherlock Holmes, and Elvira’s Haunted Hill, his music has been performed and recorded by orchestras worldwide. Notable theatrical works include four musicals and three ballets. He has collaborated with an array of talent, such as Jon Voight, Ridley Scott, Tom Cruise, and Tony Award Winners Anthony Crivello, Maryann Plunkett, Alice Ripley, and Billy Porter. Eric and his wife, Elizabeth, reside in The Sea Ranch, California.

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