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Producer, Director, & Writer
John Osborne

Dr. John Osborne is a producer, filmmaker, and writer. He has worked on the films Need For Speed, Thank You For Your Service, Davi’s Way, ‘CRABS!’, and a Pacifico commercial filmed in Mendocino. He worked as a Production Assistant, Project & Location Manager, Boom Operator, and Consultant. He was a professor of English, Film, & Humanities and taught all aspects of cinema. As an Associate Programmer for the American Documentary Festival in Palm Springs, he is familiar with the film festival market and the international film industry. Our Seabiscuit story has really captured his interest. He has been deeply researching Seabiscuit’s life and the many aspects of horse and human interaction.


Leigh Anne Lindsey

Filmmaker Leigh Anne Lindsey Seabiscuit's Legacy

Leigh Anne Lindsey is a videographer, video editor and writer who is part-owner of a portion of the original Home of Seabiscuit. She has filmed, produced, and edited web shows, commercial videos, and interviews with filmmakers and writers. In the late 70s and early 80s, she was a photojournalist, and a rock radio DJ and radio commercial producer for a small rock radio station in Aspen, CO. When she moved to Silicon Valley she helped tech companies flourish through sales and marketing, strategic alliance development, and fundraising efforts for over 18 years. Her early years were on her family’s large cattle and quarter horse ranch in East Texas where her love for horses began. It was through her experience training her own horses that led to an admiration of those who were true horse whisperers, like the trainer who transformed the misunderstood Seabiscuit, Tom Smith. That underdog’s magical transformation, which led to the uplifting of a nation suffering from the Great Depression, is one of her core motivations for bringing this film to life one day.


Production Artist

Jordan Schussler
Jordan Lindsey Schussler Sea Storm Studios
Jordan Schussler created the film poster and graphics. 
He has extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D content development. He’s experienced in UI design, animation, and art style development. Develops media production pipelines to facilitate development of multi-layout scalable cross-platform mobile and desktop applications. Jordan’s website.